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Author: Broker Charles

Healing of my Soul

When my wife mentioned going to Jamaica on a mission trip, it perked my interest. “What?” I asked. “They give you room and board and take you out daily on guided tours?! You get to meet and have fun with the locals and eat local food?!” It sounded just like going on a cruise or flying into one of Montego Bay’s all-inclusive resorts. Thoughts of “Adventure Travel” and “Ecotourism” filled my head. I was ready for our summer vacation. So I have to admit one thing. I came here for a selfish reason: I wanted a vacation. Of course,...

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Almost Froze on Mt. Baldy

On December 12, 2012, I decided on a whim to hike up Mt. Baldy via Ski Hut Trail. Light rain was forecast and it was partly cloudy. I did not mind as I enjoy walking in the rain. I intended to summit around nightfall, pitch the tent near the top, and trek down the next day. It hadn’t snowed yet in the winter season. But I prepared for the cold and possible snow by packing extra clothing, a gator, and face cover. It turned out to be my first camping trip in a blizzard.   On the way up, although...

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