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Is FSBO worth it?

Note that in California as in most states, unlicensed persons are prohibited from assisting the home owner in the sale. Home owners can, however, sell their homes on their own. This is called FSBO or For Sale By Owner. FSBO is not new. It has been in existence in the US for about 50 years and today accounts for about 10% of home sales in the US are FSBO. The primary reason for FSBO is for the home owner to save on the traditional agent fees (5-6% standard).

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But think about it…

However, the reason that only 10% of the homes get sold FSBO is because of complexity… and the risks.

Let’s face it selling or buying a home is not like selling or buying a used car. A lot of legalese are involve, forms have to be filed, and whole lot of money switches hand.

Then there are a lot of moving parts.

Unless you have real estate experience and the requisite know-how as a seasoned investor, it is not advised.

The reason is that if you don’t do each of the steps right, it can cost you more than the 5-6% commission paid to the agents.

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You can come out ahead with a competent professional like myself on your side.

A full service agency and a seasoned professional can bring you a great deal of resources and tools from preparing your home for the sale and negotiating to close of escrow.

The added advantage you get in dollars terms can easily be said to recoup the 5-6% cost of representation in the higher price you get at lesser potential cost to you.

My marketing programs combined with negotiating skills means that you will get every penny your home is worth and more.

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Some of the Value Added Services:

  • Help you prepare your house
  • Take a complete set of professional photos of your home
  • Host those photos on a website
  • Create a virtual open house
  • Promotion on my monthly newsletter and separate flyers
  • Advertise your home on the MLS and to millions of potential buyers
  • Real physical open house
  • Negotiate to get the highest price
  • Help you fulfill statutory requirements for transfer
  • Work with lender of your choice
  • Work with the escrow office and coordinate with contractors including title
  • Guide you each step and explain as necessary
  • Coordinate with all concerned to close escrow on time

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The bottom line is that you come out ahead with me as your partner.

You maximize your exposure and your price in the transaction, reduce your risks, and save time.

Call me at (714) 932-93277 to further discuss your option and how I can enhance your advantage.