Cypress, CA

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For me, Cypress is a great place to live and work. It is centrally located. It’s close to the beaches and the mountains. It’s got lot’s of sunshine and cool breezes.  Most of all, it has great communities to call home.

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Cypress, CA conveniently borders Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Beaches are about 20-30 minutes away. The mountains are about 1 hr away. The rest of California and the Southwest are also close.

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Cypress, CA is blessed with great weather. The sun shines bright. Consistent afternoon ocean breeze keep us cool. Yet, it never gets too hot or too chilly. It’s near perfect weather.

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Cypress, CA schools are designated California Distinguished Schools. Oxford Academy is nationally ranked as top 1-3 public grade school. This is one of the biggest draw for new residents.

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Cypress, CA has great communities. Not only are our neighborhoods clean and generally safe, there is also a great deal of diversity from mobile homes to over million dollar homes.

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To the American settlers, Cypress was known as “Waterville” for its abundant artesian wells. But when the area was first incorporated, it was called Dairy City in 1956 due to the abundance of another sort, dairy farms. In 1957, the name was changed to Cypress. The elementary school Cypress was originally founded in 1895. Read more about Cypress, CA History here.

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Centrally located, Cypress is bounded by 9 cities (La Palma, Buena Park, Anaheim, Stanton,Garden Grove, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, Hawaiian Gardens, and Lakewood) and 2 counties (Orange County and Los Angeles). Cypress is near the 605, 405, 91, and 5 freeways without the hazards of having them go through the city. As a result, you are within 1 hour drive of all that Orange and Los Angeles counties have to offer- including the museums, beaches and mountains. San Diego and Santa Barbara are just 1.5-2 hours drive for a day’s excursion. If that’s not enough and you need to get away a little, the beautiful Central Coast California and Las Vegas are within a half day’s drive. From Los Angeles and Long Beach airports, you are closer to almost anywhere else in the US and the world.

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Great Weather

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Seal Beach and the Pacific Ocean is just 8 miles away. Because it’s so close to the ocean yet not on the water, it enjoys a cooler weather compared to other inland cities without it being too chilly or overcast for much of the day as in many beachfront cities. Enjoying the Mediterranean climate, the forecast is sunny practically year round.

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