Parks & Recreation


Lexington Jr. High field popular with walkers and youth soccer.

There are many parks around the city, most within easy walking and biking distance from residences. The city’s Recreation Department, located at the Community Center, administers a wealth of recreational, educational, social and volunteer opportunities for the residents. Youth soccer is especially strong in Cypress, with the school fields packed with players and parents cheering throughout the evening and weekends.

Beyond local parks there is El Dorado Regional Park, in Long Beach within 5 minutes drive. The Cerritos Sports Complex is even closer. Seal Beach is within 15 minutes drive.

It’s a 10 miles bike-to-distance from the cool beaches and 45 minutes to mountain hiking and skiing. I enjoy the occasional long ride to the beach along Coyote River. My favorite mountain hiking spot is Santa Anita Canyon, 45 minutes from here.

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