Garage Sale Signs

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We are fortunate to live in a prosperous country where we can afford material abundance. However, it should come with responsibilities to limit waste. One great way to recycle old clothes, furniture, tools, or other personal belongings is the Garage Sale.

Free Garage Sale Sign Loan Program

Clutter piling up around the house? Thinking about a garage sale?

How about some eye catching signs around the neighborhood pointing your way?

Garage Sale signs are available for free to borrow (no interest payment necessary) to local residents of Cypress, CA.

Post them at the major intersections and guide the shopper to your garage.


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Bigger, brighter, and more attractive signs will bring in more customers.

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Don’t forget to get the city permit.

In the City of Cypress, CA, you are permitted to have 2 garage sales per year. You need a free permit each time you do one. The permit must be posted and visible from the street. If you are doing a group or neighborhood garage sale, here’s what the city says:

You may obtain permits for others involved in a neighborhood garage sale event, however you must submit a signed authorization (a simple note is sufficient) from the other participants authorizing you to obtain the permit on their behalf.(Source: City of Cypress, CA)

But you do not have to go to the city. You could do it online by clicking here. Here’s the instruction for the form:

Complete this form online, print, sign, and mail the form at least seven (7) days prior to the sale to: City of Cypress, Community Development Department, 5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress CA 90630. The form may also be dropped off at the Planning Division Counter at the above listed address up to the day before the sale. Please note that for all group garage sale events, addresses, phone numbers, and signatures are required by all property owners. (Source: City of Cypress, CA)

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If you want to have a street or block garage sale, I’ll help you organize it, provide the signs, and even help you put the signs out. Just contact me using the link below.

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Don’t forget to post a notice on

A lot of people look for things to purchase on Craigslist to use at home. Others go to garage sales to buy stuff to resale at the flea market. And of course sometimes there are antique buyers too.

If you are having a garage sale as part of a planned move, announcing that it’s a “Moving Sale” will invite more visitors.

If someone passed away and this is an estate sale, announcing that it’s an “Estate Sale” will also invite more visitors.

Best time to advertise is on Thursday for Saturday sales.

Here are some helpful tips on having an effective garage sale.

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And don’t forget to follow these rules:

  • Items may not be placed or displayed in the public right of way (including the street, sidewalk, parkway, and driveway apron).
  • All goods, wares and merchandise must be the personal property of the permanent resident(s) hosting the garage sale.The items offered for sale may only be of a household nature, and may not have been acquired elsewhere for the express purpose of resale.
  • Garage sale signs may not be posted on telephone poles, streetlights, traffic signs, or any other structures within the public right-of-way. Garage sale signs may be posted off-site (with the property owners consent) no more than one day preceding the event, and must be removed not more than one day following the end of the event.
  • No more than two (2) events may be held per calendar year at each residential site.
  • The event may not exceed three (3) consecutive days.

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“Thank you very much for lending us the garage sale signs. They were very helpful. We had a good turn out last Saturday.” – Jo & Victoria R.

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As this service is ancillary to my brokerage services, an appointment is necessary.

Call for availability and reservation at (714) 932-3277 or you can inquire by email.