A.E. Arnold Elementary

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Arnold and Landell Elementary schools both serve the same neighborhood (school boundary). A.E. Arnold is a traditional schedule school with extended winter and summer breaks. Margaret Landell is a year round school. Generally students can apply to attend either school if they live within the same school boundary. Inter and intra-district transfers are also available on a space available basis.
9281 Denni Street
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 220-6965
Enrollment & Class Size Figures for 2012-2013 (Source: Accountability Report Card)
Total Enrollment: 714 / Class Size
Grade 6: 116  /  29.4
Grade 5: 106  /  27.5
Grade 4: 128  /  31.7
Grade 3: 102  /  32
Grade 2: 105  /  30.5
Grade 1: 77  /  26.3
Kindergarten: 80  /  15.3

School Demographics & API Score (Source: Accountability Report Card)

ArnoldDemoAPI From the school:

A.E. Arnold School


California Distinguished School API Score of 885 Gold Medal School, OC Register, 2011 Medalist at OC Math Field Day Recipient of CTAP Technology Grant 2012

Arnold students are provided with a standards-based curriculum that focuses on preparing students for success in the 21st century. Instructional practices reflect the transition to Common Core State Standards and emphasize higher-level thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Cognitively Guided Instruction in Math All teachers in grades K-3 are trained in CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction.) Several teachers in grades 3-6 participate in CLIME (Collaboration for Leadership and Improvement in Math Education.) Arnold teachers emphasize mathematical thinking, real-world applications and problem-solving skills in their daily lessons. Access to Current Technology Arnold’s classrooms are equipped with SMART board technology and student response systems. In addition, several classrooms are using iPads and other technology to engage students and increase their access to information. All classes visit our technology lab. Arnold school utilizes programs such as Reading Counts, a computer-based program to support and encourage reading comprehension skills and Study Island, a program students can access at school and home for additional practice and reinforcement. Arts/Music Arts and music continue to be an important part of the educational program at Arnold School. Students participate in arts education in the classroom, on field trips, and during school-wide events and assemblies. After school programs are also offered in the visual arts and instrumental music. Meeting the Needs of All Learners Arnold School celebrates the diversity of our students and our community. We recognize that children learn in different ways, and at different rates. Teachers differentiate instruction throughout the day to meet the needs of all students. PAWS Period All students participate in a 30-minute “PAWS” period four days per week. During this time, teachers provide intensive instruction to students not yet meeting grade level standards, and enrichment is provided to GATE and high-achieving students. Support for English Learners Arnold teachers are certified to teach English Learners and provide instruction to develop English Language Fluency in their students. Character Education/Leadership We believe in the importance of teaching students to be responsible citizens and compassionate toward others. Students are taught about positive character traits and are recognized at school-wide assemblies. Older students also have the opportunity to make a difference at school and in the community through participation in Arnold’s Leadership program.

Bell Schedule (from Cypress School District)

A. E. Arnold Elementary School
Daily Bell Schedule


Kindergarten Start End
M – F 8:00 1:00
*District-wide Minimum Days 8:00 1:00
Grades 1-6 Start End
M,Tu,W,F 8:00 2:30
Thursdays (Early Release) 8:00 1:05
*District-wide Minimum Days 8:00 1:05

* District-wide Minimum Days are scheduled throughout the year for parent conferences, staff development,
and prior to holiday breaks.  Please see 2013-14 calendar for specific dates. 
Calendars are available on the district website at cypsd.k12.ca.us.


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