School Districts

The area is served by two school districts. The grade schools (grades k-6) are served by the Cypress Unified School District (CypUSD). Junior and senior high schools (7-12) are served by the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD).

CypUSD – Cypress School District
9470 Moody Street
Cypress, California 90630
Phone: (714) 220-6900

Cypress Unified School District
District Calendar
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Education is top notch in Cypress, CA. where students generally score high on the California Standardized Tests.There are two school districts: Cypress School District  and Anaheim Union High School District. The Cypress School District operates the 6 elementary schools in the city.

Anaheim Union High School District operates the junior and senior high schools.  The Anaheim Union High School District encompasses grade 7-12 schools in Anaheim, Buena Park, and Cypress. All 7-12 Cypress public school students attend the the following AUHSD schools:

The AUHSD has a proactive parental outreach program whereby parents are frequently contacted via automated phone system and they have access to the students homework assignment, testing information, and grades through the district’s Zangle website. In my opinion, it’s too frequent.

Zangle is an online content management system (CMS) for students, teachers, and parents. Students and parents can keep track of home work assignments. Parents can see how their children are doing with respect to home work, tests and quizes, and overall grades. If you don’t have it already, contact the school administrators for an id and password. Here’s Student Zangle.