This information is provided by the RV Owner to expedite the rental process and enhance the safe operation and enjoyment of the Sierra Frontline E-350 CamperVan (from hence, the RV) by the RV Renter (from hence, the Renter).


The Sierra Frontline E-350 Campervan is endowed with most of the amenities and features of a standard full-sized RV, so it is effectively an RV as in a Recreation Vehicle.

This RV is an excellent travel companion. Whether it be an intercity tour or a wilderness camping trip, you will appreciate the ease of driving, parking, cooking, eating, and sleeping – a mobile all-in-one tiny-home on wheels.

It’s easy to drive like most smaller cars and also easy to park in a single regular full-size parking space.

The Owner

Charles Park (from hence, the Owner) custom designed and built the Sierra Frontline with an emphasis on comfort, convenience, and function for enjoying the great outdoors close to home or far away.

Charles is happy to share his love of the the outdoors and the RV with like minded Renters.

Safe and happy travels!

Exterior Veiews

Ford E-350 Super Duty

Sporting a powerful Super Duty V10 cylinder engine, the RV glides over tall mountains, across the long coasts, and through vast deserts.

The “Super Duty” means that the vehicle and chassis was built to get the job done; it is strong and reliable to get the job done. As of 2019, there were 0 recalls for the 2008 Ford E-350 Super Duty van!

External Features – Front & Back

External Features – Driver’s Side

External Features – Passenger’s Side

Interrior Features

The Cabin

The cabin has many amenities, including the kitchen, storage compartments, a table with surround seating, and a large bed. It is distinguished from the driver and passenger seaking area and the vehicle dashboard.

The Galley, Forward Desk

You can cook either on the back center table or if it is being used as a bed, in the foward Galley. By default the table top is covered with a wooden panel. It can then be used as a desk. The sink and induction stove are revealed when the table cover is removed. So the Galley doubles as a work, reading, and writing area as well as a built-in kitchen.

Hint: When you slide the cover back in position, you may have to lift the forward side to lift it onto the red colored rail. Moving the driver’s seat forward will create more room.


The mid-cabin area consists of the storage cabinets, two appliances (microwave & 12V cooler), water pump and switch. It’s also the passage way between the galley and the bedroom. Looking froward from the rear:

The left side, from top to bottom, includes: Storage area, microwave, 12v cooler, and bottom storage.

Note: In the far center are two cabinet doors. These provide access to the storage space over the driver and passenter seats. It’s easy to store loose blankets and sleeping bags there.

The right side, from top to bottom, includes: Storage and more storage compartments – 4 in all.

For now, the light switch in the topmost compartment turns on the water pump.

Under-Bench Storage

In the rear, the RV offers bench seating. Under the bed are storage compartments. Each compartment can be used for storing different things like dry food packaging, laundry, mini-BBQ grill, miscellaneous supplies. Hiking sticks can be stored on the left (looking backward) bench. Ski can be stored in the middle aisle.

On the left photo, you can see the table set up. To set up the bed, you remove the steel table post and lower the table top to the bench level. There is another flat wooden peace that can also be placed at the bench level to make a large bed area. The blankets or sleeping backs can be placed over the cushions. Two additional cushions are available to complete the padding.

Hint: Twisting and slight bending action will make the table post come off the table top and floor more easily. When not in use, it should be placed somewhere where it won’t roll back and forth.

Hint: The spare tire jack and crank are located under the right bench. You need to lift the whole seat up to access it. All seats are removable.