Good Luck Lanterns at Naejangsa Temple

Patrons pay to have their names hanging alongside the beautiful lanterns. Each paper lists the names of family members, their domicile, and a prayer. Mostly, they pray for good health. All lanterns say, “The day Buddha came.” It must have been prettier in May. Photo taken 10/21/2016 at Naejangsa Temple, Naejangsan National Park, Korea. Camera: Samsung Galaxy 7s. Continue reading Good Luck Lanterns at Naejangsa Temple

Random Acts of Kindness is Good For You!

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (yes, there is such a thing!) reports that scientific studies show kindness results in numerous health benefits. Kindness… Strengthens the immune system and diminishes the effects of serious and minor disorders, effects of physical pain. Releases endorphins, giving you a “natural high” (without the dangers of drug addiction). Subsequently provides a period of calm important to emotional well-being. Reduces … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness is Good For You!

Word of the Month: bravura

bra·vu·ra  /brəˈv(y)o͞orə/ noun: bravura great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity. “the recital ended with a blazing display of bravura” synonyms: virtuoso, masterly, outstanding, excellent, superb, brilliant, dazzling, first-class, expert; informal top-notch, mean, ace, A1 “a bravura performance” the display of great daring. “the show of bravura hid a guilty timidity” Origin mid 18th century: from Italian, from bravo ‘bold.’ Source: Google. … Continue reading Word of the Month: bravura