Compost me on the trails

Washington became the first state to legalize the composting of human remains (May 22, 2019, CNN). In “human composting,” the body remains are mixed with organic matter and allowed to break down for about 3-7 weeks. In keeping up with the times, I used to say that I did not wish for a lonely burial but preferred cremation (California – 61.5%; US – 53.1%; South Korea … Continue reading Compost me on the trails

Clouds Rest Trail & Peak #2

Date Monday, November 18, 2019 Weather Clear, sunny One-way / two-way 7.4 / 14.8 miles Trailhead elevation 8,150 ft Summit elevation 9,926 ft Peak class / Difficulty 1 / Moderate Type Urban-NP People (groups) Approx. 10 Animals Birds, esp. crow Start time 7:00 am End time 2:39 pm Points & Junctions Distance Elevation Time Reverse Trailhead 0 miles 8,150 ft 7:00 14:39 Sunrise Lakes Trail … Continue reading Clouds Rest Trail & Peak #2

Sawtooth Peak – AMS

Going beyond the trail Staying on the trail is the safest thing to do. You minimize the risk of getting lost or falling down. It’s also the easiest way to hike. Most of the trails on the maps are well-defined and well maintained. On heavily trafficked trails, you also protect the landscape. But occasionally, while traversing over mountains and through the valleys, my eyes fixate … Continue reading Sawtooth Peak – AMS

Hiking Report: Mt. Zion Loop 2/9/2019

Introduction Take care of the land. Someday, you’ll be part of it. This sign, posted without attribution, made an impression on me since I first began hiking Santa Anita Canyon many years ago. If I had to make one change to it, though, it might be to add the word “again”, as in, “Take care of the land. Someday, you’ll be part of it, again.” … Continue reading Hiking Report: Mt. Zion Loop 2/9/2019

National Treasure, National Tragedy

Joshua Tree NP in the news during and after the 2019 government shutdown. There are reports of trees being cut, new roads being made, trash everywhere, cut chains, people camping without permits, etc. These are the type of people who need the Nanny State and likely who could not survive one week in nature. The average life span of the Joshua Tree is reportedly 150 … Continue reading National Treasure, National Tragedy

Hiking Report: Baldy Ski Hut Trail with Alex 2019/1/26

I usually hike alone for the ease and simplicity of scheduling and the chance to be more intimate with nature. Still, I do occasionally enjoy hiking with others. For example, it’s always great hiking with the family either together or separately with my wife and each of the boys. Meet-ups with fellow hikers are nice. Sometimes a relative wants to try hiking. In this case, … Continue reading Hiking Report: Baldy Ski Hut Trail with Alex 2019/1/26

Good Luck Lanterns at Naejangsa Temple

Patrons pay to have their names hanging alongside the beautiful lanterns. Each paper lists the names of family members, their domicile, and a prayer. Mostly, they pray for good health. All lanterns say, “The day Buddha came.” It must have been prettier in May. Photo taken 10/21/2016 at Naejangsa Temple, Naejangsan National Park, Korea. Camera: Samsung Galaxy 7s. Continue reading Good Luck Lanterns at Naejangsa Temple